Observer System - full configuration

Observer Sinjar

The Observer System is a wearable suite of tools and devices used for collecting and sharing information in the field. It is built around a small sling bag and weighs less than 15 pounds. It is designed to be used during disasters and conflicts where support and infrastructure are impaired or non-existent.

Observer Side   Observer Solar   Observer Sling1   Observer Sling2

Key Design Points

  • Support a solo operator in collecting information in austere environs
  • Enable a high degree of self-sufficiency in water, power, comms
  • Intended to be used on-the-go, driving, walking, riding
  • Carry-on commercial airlines and through international customs
  • No export-controlled items that inhibit working with foreign nationals
  • Technical appearance but not overtly militaristic
  • Double or triple redundancy of mission critical functions
  • Best quality and durability available on the commercial market

Observer Kit

General Capabilities
  • Collect GPS fixes, imagery, video, audio recording, and text reports
  • Send and receive messages via Iridium satellite network
  • Collect information from laptops, phones, PCs, cameras, and more
  • Harvest, generate, store and share power
  • Collect and treat water for drinking
  • Work with other people to collect and share information
  • Collect technical environmental information
  • Make observations from distance or at night
  • Work around physical environmental problems
  • Signal for rescue, provide lifesaving aid
  • Operate outside in harsh conditions for long durations

System Module Breakdown

Observer Contents

Base System (A) - Provides basic wearable power, water, communications, and light.
  • Sling bag
  • Solar panel, power pack, USB charge cable
  • Carabiner
  • LED light ball cap
  • Iridium satellite messenger/GPS
  • Water bottle w/ UV sterilization cap

Reporting (B) - Tools for collecting photo, video, audio, and written information.
  • Video/photo sunglasses
  • Android smartphone w/ relevant apps installed
  • Voice recorder
  • Recording/scanning pen and notepad
  • Water proof pen and notepad
  • Water and RF shielding bags

Data Operations (C) - Devices, adapters, media to collect and share digital data
  • 1TB USB thumbdrive
  • Wifi-sharable USB thumbdrive
  • HW write-protectable USB thumbdrive
  • Multi-card USB reader
  • CF, xD, SD, and other storage cards
  • USB, PS2 keyloggers
  • USB hub
  • USB cables and adapters
  • Powered USB OTG Y cable adapter for android host
  • USB battery
  • Water proof bag and case

Sensors (D) - Peripherals and devices for enhanced sensing and observation
  • 10x monocular w/ phone attachment
  • Flashlight
  • IR illuminated night vision monocular
  • Android windmeter
  • Android enhanced sensor device
  • RFID locator beacons
  • Water proof bag

Partner Enablement (E) - Small kit to enable another person to aid in reporting
  • DualSIM phone
  • Pen and notepad
  • Waterproof bag

Power (F) - Devices for harvesting, generating, storing, and sharing power.
  • Hand crank generator and storage unit
  • Additional power pack for solar panel
  • AAA batteries and adapter for extra power pack
  • USB power adapters for outlet and auto
  • Multi-device power "squid" cable
  • International outlet adapaters
  • Water proof bag and case

Navigation (G) - Tools for mapping and land navigation
  • GPS wrist watch
  • Global compass
  • Navigation card set
  • Waterproof 8.5"x11" case for printed maps and pen

Extract (H) - Small kit of items for signaling and awaiting rescue
  • Survival Signal Rescue panel marker
  • Satellite rescue signal and GPS locator beacon
  • Infrared strobe
  • Whistle
  • Signal mirror
  • Chemical lights
  • Fire starter kit
  • Hand warmers
  • (2) chemical water treatment tablets
  • 2L waterproof bag

Sustainment (I) - Minimalist items for self-sustainment under adverse conditions
  • 1L "dirty" water bladder
  • (10) chemical water treatment tablets
  • Water filter
  • Energy gel packet
  • Oral rehydration salts

Environmental Protection (J) - Comfort and protection from the elements
  • Sun block
  • Bug spray
  • Tissue paper
  • Motrin
  • Lip balm
  • Breath mints
  • Hand wipes
  • Condom
  • Band-aids
  • Bandana
  • Hand warmers
  • Water proof bag

Entry & Escape (K) - Basic tools for getting into and out of things
  • Seatbelt cutter/window breaker
  • Entry pry bar, titanium
  • Paracord bracelet
  • Handcuff shim
  • Emergency smoke mask
  • Jigsaw blade
  • 60' of cord (2000lb. tensile)
  • 60' of string (400lb. tensile)
  • Carabiner

Tools (L) - Miscellaneous tools and utilities for common tasks
  • Super glue
  • Lighter
  • Tape measure
  • Multi-tool
  • Multi-head bit set & flex-extension
  • Bits & adapters for small electronics
  • Duct tape
  • Woodscrews
  • Scissors

Medical (M) - Basic emergency lifesaving kit
  • Medicine pack
  • SWAT-T tourniquet
  • Quick clot
  • CPR face mask
  • Mini medical sheers
  • Trauma kit
  • Waterproof bag and case & marker

$12,995 (+tax & shipping)